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    Falling Springs Cemetary in Overton Co.

    There has been some discussion of various grave types in the local area. These are photos of some graves in the Falling Springs Cemetary in Overton County on Highway 85. I think that one of these is the type referred to as the "Tent Grave".

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  • More Grave Photos #3

    This is a scan of a business card that has a hand written date on the back of 1912. The actual business card measures 2.5"x4.5" and was submitted by Richard Cross.

    This picture and information submitted by Jill Franklin Hicks:

    This is a picture of my Uncle: Ernest Stanley Norris "Jim", he was the son of Granville and Ollie Winningham Norris. He was born September 9, 1918 in Overton County, TN. He married Phyllis Clella Franklin, she was the daughter of Albert & Roxie Sells Franklin, Boatland, TN. They were married in Cravenstown, TN. in 1939.

    He recently passed away, it is my understanding that he was wounded in WWII, I have another Uncle who served in the Phillipines, he was also from Fentress Area, I will send you his picture also.

    Jill Franklin Hicks

    Front Row L-R Rans Dishmon-Dee Mundy-Eugene Winningham-Tommy Beaty-Joe Reagan
    Back Row L-R Standing-Shelly Crockett-Varon Tompkins-Fritz Heines-Shirley Ray Tays-Dee Bertram-Unidentified-Delbert Garrett-Rodney Winningham

    This is a photo of the General Building Trades Class at York Agricultural Institute of 1951 or 1952. The photo was submitted by Stella Winningham of Jamestown.

    Left-Right Arnold Wright(Coach)-Ralph"Rat"Beaty-Casper"Cap"Wright-Buster Hoover-Tom Greer-Floyd Beaty-Tom Taylor

    This is a photo submitted by Stella Winningham of Arnold Wright and his boys basketball team at Helena. I asked Arnold if he knew what year it was and he thinks it was 1943 or 44.

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